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» Driving License for Hearing Impaired and Deaf Community

Driving License for Hearing Impaired and Deaf Community

Driving is primarily a visual function with little inputs from hearing. If a person is rehabilitated with hearing amplification (hearing aid or cochlear implant) and can hear reasonably with the device there seems little reason to deprive him or her of a driving license. People with hearing disabilities can now undergo a medical test if they are using a hearing aid, and get a licence (Motor traffic Act, Sri Lanka).

The right to drive is not a trivial one—without it, Deaf/ Hearing impaired people are restricted in their ability to work and to access medical, community, and other services.

Studies also show that Deaf drivers are no more likely to be involved in car accidents than hearing drivers. This makes sense since driving is mainly a visual activity. There's even some research to suggest that Deaf adults have better peripheral vision than hearing people which is surely an advantage when driving.